Resident Finds Support to Make a Full Recovery

Christie* has always prided herself on being able to maintain self-sufficiency despite being a single mother. Only having one income to support her and her son, Christie has always made sure that every bill was paid on time and food was on the table, even if it meant taking on extra shifts.

One morning, on her way to work, Christie felt a sharp pain on the right side of her breast. Ignoring it for days, the pain eventually became unbearable. Finally deciding to visit her doctor’s office, Christie was surprised to hear the seriousness of the situation. With her doctor sitting in front of her, she learned that she had a lymph node that needed to be removed immediately. The process would require surgery, a hospital stay, and possible months in recovery.

Thinking about the possibility of having breast cancer if not treated right away, Christie notified her employer to let them know of the dire situation. Unsure of what the future would look like, Christie worried that undergoing surgery would put her in a financial bind, which would affect her son’s well-being. Feeling relieved after being given two months of paid medical leave, Christie focused on her recovery. As July and August passed, Christie’s health was still not up to speed. Needing advice, Christie called her doctor who then told her that in order to fully heal, another month off was needed.

Financially unprepared, Christie used her savings to pay for bills and basic necessities but still did not have enough to cover her rent. Feeling defeated and worrying about the possibility of losing her home, Christie called her Director of Social Services, Kendra. After sitting down with her and working on a new financial plan and budget, Kendra knew that in order for Christie to make a full recovery and go back to work, she needed to focus on her health instead of worrying about finances. Kendra immediately helped her fill out a rental assistance application through LifeSTEPS’ client assistance program, which was quickly approved.
Christie was comforted to know that she was not alone. Having the support of Kendra and LifeSTEPS not only gave her the drive to get better for her son, but the motivation to work on her finances in case another emergency like this were to happen.

Finally feeling better, Christie is now back at work and continuing her path to self-sufficiency. “Thank you so much for helping my son and I in our time of need. LifeSTEPS has helped me get back on track. We’re so grateful for the assistance,” says Christie. Thanks to Kendra and LifeSTEPS, individuals like Christie are able to make a full recovery and move forward with their lives.

*name has been changed*

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