Learn more about LifeSTEPS’ Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of LifeSTEPS is to provide effective  educational and supportive services to maximize the strengths of individuals and build resilient communities.

LifeSTEPS’ Guiding Principles (Our Vision)

LifeSTEPS is committed to taking care of our team and supporting each other to stay healthy.

LifeSTEPS encourages staff to participate in helping LifeSTEPS evolve in such a way that our impact is meaningful to not just one or two clients, but to thousands.

LifeSTEPS challenges themselves and the team to be moved and inspired on a daily basis to do the very best for everyone we serve.

LifeSTEPS recognizes that in and of ourselves we are not significant, but what we do together and the lives we help to change, is the legacy by which we are impassioned.

LifeSTEPS will continue to spend monies responsibly and ensure that we do not spend monies we do not have.  The goal is that the legacy of LifeSTEPS will thrive for generations to come and, in some small way, we will have each contributed to something on a much grander level than we ever thought possible.

The name LifeSTEPS represents all of us.  We are in this together and we recognize that our actions and words in regard to this agency are a reflection of our work, our mission, and our team.

Our Values

INTEGRITY:  We demonstrate integrity in all of our dealings as we believe that integrity is the cornerstone of all positive and productive relationships.

INNOVATION:  We strive to be innovative by delivering services that are  intuitive and responsive to the needs of our clients, partners and employees.

EMPOWERMENT:  We believe in an empowerment approach that encourages individual abilities.  We support this by ensuring that everyone has adequate tools, skills, input, opportunities and knowledge to be successful.

RESPECT:  We are committed to an atmosphere of respect.  We honor this by embracing the diversity of our staff, clients and partners; recognizing that our success as an agency is based on the talent, skills and expertise of our team.

PERSONAL GROWTH:  We value personal growth and know that it is vital to the long term success of our agency and those we serve.